Nokia to Dump S60 for Maemo 5 Eventually

Apparently if you are somewhat confused with the choice of Nokia’s dual platform, S60 5th Edition and Maemo 5 things are about to get a little clearer according to one of the Maemo marketing team that was at the official Nokia N900 event in London.

The guys over at engadget mobile report that according to The Really Mobile Project, Nokia is going to dump S60 form their N-Series consumer handsets favouring Maemo 5 due to the pleasant surprise Nokia has received with the N900 operating system although the package isn’t yet ready for the mass market.

No doubt we will still see S60 handset that are currently in development pop up alongside mass market Maemo handsets up until the point when Nokia can make the switch by 2012, but it looks like Maemo 5 will eventually replace S60.

Apparently an official response from Nokia on the matter has been posted by the Nokia Blog, which has Nokia saying they are firmly committed to Symbian as their smartphone platform of choice. Which was to be expected but then Nokia adds, Maemo is their software of choice for devices based on tech which would typically be found inside a desktop computer.

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