Android Smartphone coming from ZTE in 2010

It appears that everyone and their aunt want a piece of the Android action and that includes Chinese vendor ZTE, as according to an article over on totaltele, ZTE is in talks with major carriers to pitch what will be ZTE’s first Android based smartphone which they expect to launch sometime in 2010.

Word has it that ZTE is talking with all 4 major US carriers along with already conducting tests with one of those 4 carriers, although hasn’t mentioned which one.

Obviously any real detail at this stage of the game is unknown, however the managing director of handset business marketing at ZTE, Dale Ying has stated that the company is serious when it comes to smartphones and hopes they will sell their smartphone to those operators next year.

Ying when on to add that in the coming years ZTE will target to ship more smartphones with a view to hep improve gross margin as they see the big potential in the smartphone market.