Poll: What is the best UMA Mobile Phone?

We thought we would ask our readers a simple question, the question is “What is the best UMA Mobile Phone?” please let us know using our voting system.

We will name a few phones that we can think of at the top of our heads, we know there are plenty more and you can name them in the comments area below if we have not mentioned them, some of the brands we have chosen are Nokia, BlackBerry and Samsung.

The phones we have chosen include: Nokia 6086, Nokia 6301, Blackberry Pearl 8120, Blackberry Curve 8320, Blackberry 8820, Blackberry 8900, Samsung t409, Samsung t339 and the Samsung Katalyst.

Please look below at our poll system and click what UMA phone you think is best, if you have another phone we have not mentioned then please use the comments area. Have fun and get the votes in as we are intrigued.

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2 thoughts on “Poll: What is the best UMA Mobile Phone?”

  1. mikeeeee says:

    the question asked for the best UMA phone.

    samsung katalyst for sure.

    i have 2, one for me and one for my wife.

    blackberries are nice little urban trinkets but take them out where the bars are thin and they are just hockey pucks.

    this will all change when a UMA android appears.

  2. Peter Ashley says:

    I have tried the Blackberry and the LG 505 but the best by a mile is the older Nokia 6301. This phone is truly on the button in every way. The automatic switching is so smooth I don't even look anymore coming in or going out. The 6301 is truly superb