BlackBerry Storm 9520 OS RapidShare Site Download Error

The unofficial BlackBerry Storm 9520 OS firmware update has been leaked and according to CrackBerry this is a very good build.

As usual because this is not official you should always be careful when you download new updates, make a backup is what we always say, and we would love to know what this new build has to offer so if you have downloaded it please let us know.

When you got to RapidShare to download this new BlackBerry Storm 9520 OS update the site shows an error message, the message says “This file is suspected to contain illegal content and has been blocked. After the file has been blocked for 7 days it will automatically be deleted, if the block is not removed by Rapid Share. For this reason, a download of this file is currently not possible”.

Did you get to download the new software update for your BlackBerry Storm 9520 OS before this error came up or has this error always been there? Please let us know.

Image via Right Mobile Phone


One thought on “BlackBerry Storm 9520 OS RapidShare Site Download Error”

  1. All Day I have been attempting to download the Media Manager using the Blackberry Desktop Manager and its a whopping 133MB!!!! What is aggravating is, it keeps dropping out just as it reaches 133MB then I have to start over.. HORRIBLE SOFTWARE! ! Just got threw leaving HTC for Blackberry and the experience isnt good so far.