Videos: Precorder Video Recording App for Palm Pre

Here’s a bit of news for Palm Pre smartphone users, apparently the webOS Homebrew community has now released an application for the Palm Pre called Precorder which enables the Palm Pre to record audio and video in H264/AVC format.

Apparently Precorder works via a custom gstreamer executable which is a Java service and a Mojo front end, and apparently the videos are playable on the Palm Pre and a desktop PC.

The Precorder application is still a somewhat unstable Alpha version but cam be downloaded from the webOS Internals wiki page.

We also have a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of plaminfocenter. The first being a fist test video lasting 54 seconds while the second video is a Precorder Video Test 2 and lasts 38 seconds, not long I know, but should give you a rough idea so hit them up and check them out.