Video: Lets Talk About Sext

Basically the video we have for our reader’s entertainment today isn’t exactly about a mobile phone, but rather a humorous take on the MMS feature, or rather the sending of images of ones naughty bits via MMS and has a take on the name Text, so known as Sext, but then everybody knew that anyway right?

The Let’s Talk About Sext video is actually rather educational showing the safer sext practices and features singing people prancing about in their underwear. Having said that there is a serious side to this video and lessons are there to be learnt.

After a night out, and a few alcoholic beverages, and the jokingly sending of a sext, does have a tendency to come back in the morning and slap you square in the face, as once that MMS, IM or email containing your sexy image is sent off, you no longer have control over what happens to it.

So therefore hit up this enlightening and rather well done video, which can be viewed below and lasts just over two and a half minutes courtesy of Gizmodo, and think back on it before you send off your next Sext.