Future Nokia Handset Shortens English Alphabet?

Apparently Nokia is looking towards the future of the mobile phone in the face of increasing competition from the likes of the Google Android platform and of course the Apple iPhone and apparently gave an interview to the Telegraph on just how Nokia sees the future.

However as the guys over at intomobile point out, in the concept image that Nokia supplied they have for some reason decided to knock off a complete row of keys from the QWERTY keypad, keys which one would have though would be quite vital in the English language.

Perhaps Nokia is envisioning a new future where the English language actually does away with several letters of the alphabet, or maybe whoever came up with the keyboard concept doesn’t know the alphabet as there is no Z, X, C, V, B, N and M, which means Nokia would have to become Okia, right?

I’m quite sure this is just some dump in the image maker’s attempts to impress with a visionary Nokia headset meant for the future, but seriously one should always make sure the alphabet is readily available shouldn’t one?