HTC Hero can now run Android 2.1?

Well now what do we have here, why it’s the HTC hero running Android 2.1!! A while ago HTC promised the mobile arena that they would bring Android 2.0 to the HTC Hero as soon as they managed to work out the details of porting Sense to Google’s latest OS.

However according to an article over on begeek, HTC has leapt over Android 2.0 and gone direct for Android 2.1 OS, and they have screenshot which prove the HTC hero is indeed running Android 2.1.

One does have to say though, the interface looks reasonable untouched from the previous Android 1.5 version, but it does prove that HTC has now managed to bring their Sense UI up to speed without too much problem.

That’s about all on this Android 2.1 that is currently known, we’ve no idea when Android 2.1 likely to become available, but rest assured as soon as we know we’ll pass it along to our readership.