Video: Gameloft NOVA for the iPhone Preview

We have a preview of the Gameloft NOVA mobile game for the iPhone for your viewing pleasure today as the guys over at touch arcade managed to get some cool hands-on time with NOVA and made a video preview which can be viewed below.

NOVA, a first person shooter by Gameloft has been describes as quite similar to Modern Combat: Sandstorm with difficulty and controls being similar as well and also seems to combine elements of Halo and Metriod Prime.

The game takes in ten levels across five environments with an arsenal of six different weapons including handgun, sniper rifle, rocket launchers, plasma guns and grenades with 2 major boss confrontations in the single player campaign.

The iPhone user starts out as an ex-marine living on a space colony and you are called back to service and before long blasting away at the enemy. So I’ll stop there and let you hit up the video and enjoy…by the way, NOVA is apparently supposed to become available before the holidays but no word on price.

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