Verizon Motorola Milestone smartphone been jailbroken aka rooted

The all new Motorola Milestone Android phone has been jailbroken or also known as rooted, this means that Android power can be messed around with, oops let’s get exploiting.

According to the sources below the Motorola Milestone from Verizon is similar to that of the iPhone jailbreaking, the word rooting means that users will be able to mess around with the Android operating system that could have possibly been locked by the carrier.

What all the above means is that you get multi-touch support unlocked, Verizon did disable this feature on commercial handsets. This may bring many risks if you mess around with hacking especially if you do not know what you are doing.

We would love to hear more about the jailbroken Verizon Motorola Milestone’s, so if you have any more news you wish to share please do using the comments area below. For more information please visit the source links below.

Source — Wired via TechRader

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