Mobile Phone Use While Driving Is Growing

The implementation of tough penalties to stop drivers using a mobile phone whilst driving is apparently having little on no effect with drivers in the UK according to a study by the Transport Research Laboratory reports the Times Online.

The TRL study indicates that the penalties of a fine of £60 along with 3 points added to your licence has basically failed to have any long-term effect with driver’s behaviour with a mobile phone when driving.

Figures show that the quantity of drivers using a mobile phone without hands-free options has risen between 2008 and 2009 for drivers of taxis, vans and cars, and the numbers which involve in excess of 14,000 drivers observed in London are higher than in 2006.

In 2006 a TRL survey found 2.6% of car drivers used a hand held device while at the wheel, in 2007 the figure fell to 1.4%; however in 2008 the figure rose to 1.9% and the latest numbers show using a mobile phone when driving is on the up and is now at 2.8%.

I can understand where the figures are coming from as I see the use of mobile phones when driving all the time, obviously the penalties simply aren’t high enough and need to be addressed, besides when are these people going to realise it is dangerous.

We at Phones Review say, wise up, don’t be stupid and use a mobile phone when driving.

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