Google Nexus One Hardware Component Specifications, Snapdragon found

There are many details on the Google Nexus One phone software or hardware specification front, but These are the Droids have some hardware component spec details that’s very interesting indeed.

The source above spent yesterday and a part of today looking through the Nexus One ROM, they went through the library files and various other system files and have found a list of hardware details.

The interesting thing is that there was Snapdragon Specific Libraries found, you can see this list below and of course we will keep you updated on all the specs as soon as we get them.

Here is the list:

  • Accelerometer: BMA150 3-axis Accelerometer per sensors.mahimahi.so in Nexus One ROM Dump.
  • Wifi Radio / Bluetooth / FM: BCM4329 in lib/modules
  • Magnetic Compass: AK8973 3-axis Magnetic field sensor/AK8973 Orientation sensor per sensors.mahimahi.so in Nexus One ROM Dump.
  • In libaudio.so I found “Stereo FM speaker” also referenced.
  • In libaudio.so I found “Routing audio to Speakerphone with back mic” reference.
  • Proximity Sensor/Light Sensor: Capella CM3602 per sensors.mahimahi.so in Nexus One ROM Dump.
  • Qualcomm QSD8K Specific hardware libs in lib/hw (QSD8250 Probably)
  • Audience A1026 Noise Canceling Chip — No link but here is the A1024 found in libaudio.so
  • Adreno 200 Graphics Core with OpenGLES 2.0 — Part of Snapdragon?

Please do let us know what you think of the above, we cannot wait to get the full specifications on the new Google Phone aka Nexus One.

Source – Gizmodo