Video: Google Nexus One Will Be a Winner

That’s what senior research analyst of IDC, Ramon Llamas reckons according to a Fox Business Network video. Yes folks according to the analyst, the Google phone is the Nexus One and it is definitely out there, although he does admit he hasn’t seen a mockup of the Nexus One.

The only pictures we’ve seen are the ones floating the blogosphere which was a buzz with posts and twitter feeds as soon as Google stated their employees where testing a new Android handset.

Llamas is asked the question “there is a Google phone, it’s out there and it’s functioning?” to which he answers “that’s correct.” Apparently the Nexus One may cost up to $1000 as it will not partner with any network to subsidise, and the analyst says that is a very big concern at least in the US.

Apparently in the US it’s all about the subsidy while over in Europe they don’t mind as much handing over the high price for an unsubsidised mobile phone, which leads to the question will Google put out the Nexus One outside the US only?

We have the video of the analyst’s opinion for your viewing pleasure below where he states that he believes the Google phone will be a winner eventually, so hit it up and check it out.