Finally Subsidized Google’s Nexus One

Recent leaks have suggested that the Nexus One would not be an unsubsidized and unlocked mobile. However, Reuters claims, that T-Mobile will finally discount the fantastic Android phone for those of you who want to sign up for a contract.

It is said that the phone will also be sold through Google’s website, directly and will be available from January 5th just in time for CES. This could pose a risk of troubling HTC’s competitors as officially branding the Nexus One as Google’s own phone. Instead of just launching it as a regular device from HTC.

The decision most certainly looks as though it is favouring one Google partner and could possibly result in dividing the Android community. Having said that there could be a winning aspect as it would be the first Android truly integrated handset.

The major complaint about the Android operating system was that of poor hardware design and sometimes even changes in the interface that could seriously hurt the experience. Both Research in Motion and Apple have significant shares and impact on the smartphone market. Source – htlounge.net


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  1. RonaldG says:

    I have 2 iPhones and love them, but am PSYCHED about Nexus ONE! GOOGLE finally stepped up! GOOGLE is the only company, in my book, that could really carry this off! WooHoo…a new toy! Good luck GOOGLE and T-Mobile!

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