Apple WWDC 2010 Dates may be booked

Yes that’s the speculation at the moment as the guys over at apple insider have apparently had a look at the Moscone Centre’s calendar list and notes that from the 28th of June through to the 2nd of July has been already booked for a “Corporate Event” in the Moscone West hall.

Doesn’t seem specific in itself but when you consider that previous Apple WWDC events have been booked under the same corporate event title, well one puts two and two together and comes up with WWDC 2010.

The thing is at previous events it has been traditional for Apple to announced a new iPhone, so will we see the new iPhone 2010 at WWDC is the big question, and if WWDC does happen on the 28th of June 2010 it may well have been booked to coincide with AT&T losing their exclusivity over the iPhone.

This then raises yet another question, could it be possible that during WWDC 2010 Apple announces that Verizon Wireless will offer the new iPhone 2010, perhaps that’s what Verizon and Apple are waiting for; new carrier and new iPhone…guess we’ll just have to wait and see for now.

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