N900 transformed into PS3 controller thanks to BlueMaemo emulator

If you are that sort of person that doesn’t object to fiddling around with alpha level software then you’ll definitely want to know all there is to know about the BlueMeamo Bluetooth emulator.

It is available now directly from the Extras Devel repository on your Nokia N900, and this fantastic application will allow the device to actually mimic other Bluetooth gadgets.

Anything from Keyboards, mice and yes of course gaming controllers. Developer Valerio Domingos points out rather humbly that the purpose of connecting up to a PS3 is just for menu navigation and ease of text input.

We are pretty sure that some Nokia loyalists out there will try desperately to use this action in a game just to prove the Nokia N900’s superiority. Have a look at the pictures we’ve got for you and see what you make of it. Source – engadget.com