Can Google Nexus One Compete with iPhone?

On Tuesday the 5th of January 2010 it is expected Google will officially announce the Google Nexus One smartphone and most mobile phone industry insiders reckon the Nexus One may not only astonish the mobile world but also set Apple and their iPhone on the defensive, reports an article over on top news.

Judging by the rumours hitting the net waves there is a suggestion that the Nexus One may just punch the iPhone at its weakest point as the Nexus One will access the internet similar to that of Skype as its transmission medium and thus freeing customers from the domination of mobile phone companies.

Yes, the Nexus One will run the Android operating system which is gaining in popularity within the mobile arena, but whether the Google Nexus One can actually compete against the iPhone is another thing and only time will tell.

Early reports have been suggesting that the Nexus One is simply just another conventional smartphone despite all its notable features, and of course Apple will not simply be sitting on their behind and let competitors catch up, as word has it a new iPhone 2010 will hit this year.


3 thoughts on “Can Google Nexus One Compete with iPhone?”

  1. celulares says:

    We’ll have to wait for Apple’s reaction. As for today, iPhone is clearly threatened, mainly because of Google is behind the marketing of nexus one.

  2. Android OS says:

    I like how you put it. ” Can Nexus Compete”. So many writers are using the term iPhone Killer which is mute IMO.
    There is no Apple killer. Apple is Apple and then theirs everyone else. They charge for everything.

    This is just the first salvo from Google Nexus One Cell Phone.