Motorola Milestone reviewed would you choose or Apple iPhone – Nokia N900

An extremely powerful Android smartphone the Motorola Milestone which was announced back in November the Milestone appears to be the next chapter in the book for Motorola.

A very nice thing to own however, it does have some problems which may make you think again about the rival Nokia N900 or of course the Apple iPhone. Back to the Motorola, it has some very strong points going in its favour. A superb display, strong feel and flexible Android software.

The weak points really are the lack of tethering and a really poor camera. The phone comes with a microSD card plus a BP6X battery an adapter a USB cable that also charges the phone.

It is a rather bulky phone although not that big but weighs in at 170 grams. The weight if influenced mainly by the large screen size and the slide out QWERTY keyboard.
Generally the Motorola Milestone has roughly the same footprint as the Apple iPhone, however is a couple of millimetres thicker and a huge 25% heavier. To read more of the review visit mobilegazette.com


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