Nexus One gains a full on review

Yep, finally someone has managed to get hold of Google’s latest Android powered baby, the Nexus One and has given it the full blown once over including several pictures and a video and they say if you’re expecting that rumoured iPhone challenger then you’ll probably be disappointed.

According to the guys over at engadget, those that are asking if the Nexus One is the be-all-end-all Android handset or iPhone destroyer, they say no, not really, and that the Google Nexus One isn’t that much different to the Motorola Droid.

However the Nexus One is noticeably faster than the Droid and is very smooth. App opening is very fast as is Google Maps, although multi-touch has not been included in Android 2.0 and above.

There are a few visual enhancements such as minor user interface tweaks, “live” wallpapers which a few react to touch that animate in the background. There are now 5 home screens with quick navigation via a series of dots, and the keyboard seems to be more accurate and responsive probably due to the Snapdragon processor.

The Nexus One’s Android 2.1 makes it feel more polished than previous Android OS’s, but they say it still has some way to go to match the likes of the iPhone and even the webOS Palm Pre for finish and fit. As for the video, if you wish to view it you’ll need to hit up the link above, but do come back and let us know your thoughts.


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