Video: Nokia X6 gets unboxed by an Emu?

Not too sure why the need for an Emu glove puppet but it is certainly different in the video unboxing of Nokia’s latest handset the Nokia X6, a video which last just over the six minute mark and comes courtesy of the guys over at all about Symbian.

The say the Nokia X6 will be a big seller in the market due to it having a year’s free downloadable music via Nokia Comes With Music, which is probably the Nokia X6’s biggest selling point.

The reviewer does go on a bit about the key lock on the Nokia X6 being quite awkward as opposed to the key lock of the Nokia 5800 XperssMusic, and says the Nokia X6 key lock is just too strong.

He then goes on to divulge what else comes in the box and notes that the Nokia X6 doesn’t charge over USB but do come with Nokia’s new headphones with silicone cups, so without further ado hit up the video which can be viewed below and enjoy.

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