Converts iPhone into universal remote the L5 Remote Dongle

We all know that there are many apps out there which will allow you to be able to control your Apple computer with your iPhone.

That’s all well and good but not much use unless you have a Bluetooth equipped Mac in your home theatre. If you like one of many of us that would just wish to have one single remote control to control your TV and peripherals then the new L% could be just what you are looking for.

The L5 remote will let you do a plethora of things that other remotes can’t even dream of ever being able to do, as well as customizing your very own interface and setting up the remote UI however you choose to.

There really isn’t a remote control out there at the moment that will give you the level of customization that we would all very much appreciate. So for some spending 50 bucks on IR dongle/App to use your iPhone as a remote control is a small price to pay. Source – slashgear.com

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