Mobile Phones May Protect and Reverse Alzheimers?

Usually mobile phones are often associated with causing health problems, well apparently there may well be a heath advantage using a mobile phone according to some research which shows that mobile phone exposure might be helpful in the fights against Alzheimer’s reports an article over on webmd

According to the new study which involved mice delivers some evidence that long term exposure to electromagnetic waves which are associated with mobile phone use could protect and possibly reverse Alzheimer’s.

Gary Arendash, PhD, of the University of South Florida and study researcher has said that “it surprised us to find that mobile phone exposure begun in early adulthood protects the memory of mice otherwise destined to develop Alzheimer’s symptoms.”

The study involved 96 mice of which some had been genetically engineered to develop Alzheimer’s disease and allowed the scientists to isolate the effects of mobile phone exposure from other lifestyle factors like diet and exercise, and the cages were arranged round a central antenna which emitted the mobile phone signal.

Researchers say the if mobile phone exposure was done when the Alzheimer mice were young adults and before any signs of memory loss showed, the mice’s cognitive ability was protected. However they do state that ‘care’ should be taken when extrapolating their results for humans.

Image via freakingnews

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