CES 2010 Video: Palm Pre Plus for Verizon Wireless

Just so happens that the Palm Pre Pus which is destined for Verizon Wireless was on display as CES 2010 in Las Vegas, and the guys over at mobile burn managed to capture the Palm Pre Plus on video for our viewing pleasure.

The video which can be viewed below lasts almost six minutes and shows us some of the new Palm Pre Plus 3D gaming features along with a slightly updated hardware design and video editing.

However, basically the difference between the Palm Pre Plus and the original Palm Pre is that the Plus has 16GB memory rather than 8GB, the button at the bottom of the Sprint version has now gone, and a faster processor.

Still, if you are a Palm fan who has been waiting for the Palm Pre to hit Verizon Wireless then hit up the video below and check it out.


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