I have problems with my Google Nexus One? Tell us

We would love to know if you have any problems with your Google Nexus One smartphone, this could be with the software, hardware or even customer service. Whatever problem you have at all please let us know about them.

We said earlier that Google is not qualified to sort complaints with Nexus One, Google did indeed release the Nexus One out to the masses and it seems that complaints are coming in already over its performance, Google only accept email queries from customers with a reply coming in around two-days time.

OK so HTC make the phone so do you ring them, T-Mobile supply the phone so do you ring them, or do you simply contact Google themselves, hard one hey. We want to know if you have contacted any of these companies about the above problem.

Please let us know what you think of the Nexus One aka Superphone, we want to know if it is all good or simply not what you expected. Is this the phone of all phones or was it simply hype.