Want to see the iPhone hat CES 2010 update

Not everything at the CES 2010 is serious stuff and technology to die for there are some fun elements as well and this goes to prove it.

It is the iPhone hat, yes the iPhone hat it kind of looks like a combination of a baseball cap and a small head tent and with this miraculous invention you can watch videos on your iPhone or iPod touch.

It incorporates an iPhone holder and a magnifying glass and it creates a private mini cinema right around your head. There is one catch though it isn’t very eye catching and you may feel a little foolish.

Oh and another thing, if by chance your phone rings you’re gonna have to dismantle the whole affair. The price is $19.95 which is a good price and if you have the need to sit on a train for a couple of hours and don’t mind the odd stare from fellow passengers then give it a go. Source – shinyshiny.tv