Women over forty still HOT proved by Rebecca Grant

Thanks to Rebecca Grant the proof is there, women over forty can and will still be hot. Rebecca Grant born in 1968 is the sexy NFL anchor known as the Verizon Football girl.

Most people would agree that Rebecca Grant really does look stunning at being 40+, apparently according to Mumsworld there are reports that Rebecca appeared in a studio cut on FOX where she teaches fans to get football on their Verizon phones.

Now she has been referred to as Verizon Football Zone Girl. Okay so most football fans would agree that getting football on your Verizon phone is a very good idea, and now that’s even better as the instructor is Rebecca Grant.

Rebecca has also hosted a television show called Truck Stop and has appeared in FHM and Maxim. Have a look at the video here and see what you make of it, good advertising for Verizon aye? Source – gather.com