Android 2.1 SDK Now Available

Just after releasing the Google Nexus One superphone, Google has released the Android 2.1 SDK to developers that have apparently been complaining about not having the latest SDK reports an article over on nexus404.

Although they do stated that Android 2.1 SDK doesn’t really incorporate any significant additions feature wise as it is a minor release, hence the .1 addition.

Apparently though Android 2.1 is faster and gains active dynamic wallpaper development to make live wallpapers, improves signal strength visual output, supports voice recognition, and a new launcher and a visually enhanced 3D enabled gallery application.

There are also a couple of changes with the WebKit rendering engine that now enables geo-location support, but there is no inkling on whether there will be a change to battery consumption with the range of smartphone that will take on Android 2.1 such as the Motorola Droid.