Desktop and Car Dock Accessories for Nexus One Coming Soon

Although the latest Android smartphone, the Nexus One is now out and about, there is a decided lack on Nexus One accessories available on the market. However according to an article over on slashgear, there is now official confirmation that the Nexus One Car Dock is on its way.

We’ve heard about the Nexus One Car Dock not too long ago when it was spotted in a leaked ROM and again when it passed through the FCC, and supposedly incorporates Bluetooth and will apparently shift from car mode to home mode automatically.

Google support have been getting questions on when Nexus One accessories will be available, and a Google employee apparently responded with, “The docking stations for Nexus One are not available at this time. Stay tuned though, they should be available soon.”

Note the Google employee said “docking stations” so basically implied that both the Nexus One Car Dock and the Nexus One Desktop Dock will be with us at some point in the not too distant future.