Would you like iPhone 4G 2010 like Multitouch Magic Mouse?

Recent news from the now we’ve heard everything department, informs us that an analyst is ’predicting’ that the 4th generation iPhone’s plastic casing will be mutli touch enabled.

This sounds like it is going to be very similar to Apple’s new magic mouse which we have heard about just recently.

Although this is predicted what isn’t predicted at this stage is just how this is going to work. And how it would manage with the simple things like holding the iPhone for normal use.

Or deliberately initiating a multi touch gesture on the back of the case, just how is that going to work? As we all know though with Apple anything is possible but is it what we want. Both the Palm Pre and the Pixi have a multi touch area below the screen which enables consistent gestures for ’back’ and to bring up the app launcher is that what we’d prefer. Source – theiphoneblog.com


One thought on “Would you like iPhone 4G 2010 like Multitouch Magic Mouse?”

  1. developsmart says:

    looks like the iPhone is beginning to admire a couple things from the Palm Pre. All they need to do now is put a freakin real keyboard on the iPhone, true multitasking, and a removable battery to catch up.