Iphone 4G iMac lookalike

It looks like an iMac the next generation iPhone 4G that is. The new design of iMac has already been a very big hit since its launch more than a decade ago.

And even now its design philosophy remains the same an all in one computer that is both powerful and absolutely beautiful. As well. The new 27 inch Mac which was released back in October 2009 has a LED backlit display with edge to edge glass that engulfs the edge of the enclosure.

As a result all that you see is nothing but the beautiful display from one corner to the other, which is extremely popular. Now just imagine the next generation iPhone 4G, what if it looks like an iMac?

This hit blockbuster design of iMac has led a designer to think and replicate the same in the design of the 4G. The pleasant mix of aluminium and glass is beautifully crafted to make the iPhone look as gorgeous as possible. Have a look and see what you think. Source redmondpie.com