Kodak attempts to sue Apple and RIM over patent infringements

Kodak has recently submitted lawsuits against Apple and RIM Research In Motion claiming that both companies have infringed its patents for both the iPhone and Black\berry.

The dispute lies on a system for displaying previews of images that have been taken with a digital camera, Kodak claim to have patented this. There is an additional case against Apple which involves the interaction between the camera and the software on a computer.

Kodak are not attempting to block sales of the handsets instead they are seeking just compensation. The amount of compensation that they are seeking has not yet been announced.

Chief intellectual property officer at Eastman Kodak Laura Quatela has said “we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars creating our industry leading portfolio. We’ve had discussions for years with both companies in an attempt to resolve this issue”.
We will update you when we know more on this lawsuit. Source – newelectronics.co.uk

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