Apple Nokia Fight: Apple Complains to ITC

The legal wrangle over patent infringement continues with these two mobile phone giants in their tit-for-tat fight. Nokia sues Apple, Apple sues Nokia, Nokia complains to the International Trade Commission, and now Apple retaliates.

According to an article over on Bloomberg, Apple has now filed a new complaint against Nokia over patent infringement, this time following in Nokia’s footsteps with the International Trade Commission.

This again heats up the battle of patent infringement between these two, and a battle that would seem will take years to come to some kind of compromise, as it appears neither is willing to pull in the legal guns.

Apparently the ITC hasn’t yet agreed to investigate Nokia’s complaint, but it is usual for the ITC to grant a request, so no doubt at some stage the ITC will investigate Apple on behalf of Nokia, and then do the same with Nokia on behalf of Apple, and at some point in the legal game something has got to give.

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