Verizon and AT&T begin Call Plan Pricing War

When a couple of mobile carriers go at it on price, it is the customer who usually benefits, and currently it appears that customers with Verizon Wireless and AT&T will be benefiting for what an article over on katonda calls a price war.

The other day Verizon Wireless announced they were lowering their monthly calling plans from the previous $100 down to $69.99 and also announced a nationwide unlimited talk and text plan for $89.99.

So rival AT&T has announced they too are making changes which mean regular customers will now pay $69.00 for unlimited talk, family talk customers can opt for unlimited talk at $119.99, while text plans remain the same. AT&T smartphone and iPhone customers can get unlimited voice and data for $99.99, family talk plans with unlimited voice and data costs $179.99 while text plans go unchanged.

This means Verizon and AT&T customers gain reduced price plans which can only be better for the customer. One wonders if T-Mobile and the others will follow suit and lower calling plan charges, and will be interesting to see if anything else happens in the pricing war game.


One thought on “Verizon and AT&T begin Call Plan Pricing War”

  1. Gerry says:

    T-Mobile already lowered their pricing in October: $49.99 for unlimited calling on their EM+ plans.

    If anything, Verizon has responded to their pricing albeit 3 months late. At the time of T-Mobile’s new plans, Verizon CEO balked that he had no intentions on lowering their pricing when he spoke to investors.

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