Could Bing be the search engine on the iPhone

It seems that there is the start of another war breaking out between Apple and Google and the prize at stake is the Mobile Ad Market.

There is speculation that this could escalate to a point where Apple will make Bing its default search engine on the iPhone. It isn’t definite that this will happen or whether or not customers will accept it. But it would make for an interesting conversation between Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Each company has there own strengths as Google is a search and an ad company, but then Apple has its app store and a ever growing eco system of developers and applications.

There are more than 100,000 applications available today in the App store it is hard to imagine that Google could ever catch up to that. Google sold what to some may be a little embarrassing 20,000 Nexus Ones in the first week, when you take into consideration the big three Android phones released this year Nexus One, MyTouch and Droid first weeks sales only add up to 330,330 units. Source – daniweb.com

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