Motorola Milestone SIM free better than Nexus One?

The Motorola Milestone has just been released as a SIM free phone at around the same time as the mighty Google’s Nexus One.

Question is though just which one is the better of the two?. What advantages does the Motorola Milestone have over the Nexus One. The Motorola Milestone is otherwise known as the Motorola Droid which was first released in the US last year.

The New Android phone has been released as a SIM free handset with no network ties or ongoing line rental charges.

This is great for customers as it means no lengthy contract deals and your not tied to one network provider, instead use your existing SIM card and away you go. The biggest competitor to the Milestone is the Nexus One and it runs on a slightly newer version of Android 2.0.1 although it is rumoured that the Milestone may benefit from an upgrade soon.
Source – pr-inside.com


2 thoughts on “Motorola Milestone SIM free better than Nexus One?”

  1. Charlie says:

    The nexus runs 2.1, not 2.0.1. Also Motorola have confirmed that the Milestone will be receiving both the 2.0.1 and 2.1 update

  2. Paladin says:

    The main problem is that the Milestone has a locked bootloader that requires signed software. So no custom ROMs on it.

    If i wanted to be treated like a child that has to be locked up for his own safety by a phone manufacturer, i would’ve gotten an IPhone. So no Milestone for me, and i think no any other kind of Motorola.

    On the other hand, since i’m not in the US, the price that i can get a Nexus is ridiculous. Let’s see what the price on HTC Desire will be.