Windows Mobile 7 Arriving in September for LG?

Perhaps LG is privy to some information that no one else is privy to where Windows Mobile 7 is concerned, because not too long ago the word was Windows Mobile 7 wouldn’t become available until 2011, you can read the article (here)

However, according to an article over on wmpoweruser, Windows Mobile 7 apparently will become available in September presumably this year. This info comes via French blogger Presse-Citron who was apparently told this by LG.

Presse-Citron was taking part in a design session at LG Design Labs and they said they expect Windows Mobile 7 in September, and Presse-Citron tweeted the news, which was promptly removed.

In addition to Windows Mobile 7 being released by LG in September the tweet also makes mention of Android 2.1 releasing in April, both with the US first followed by Europe.


2 thoughts on “Windows Mobile 7 Arriving in September for LG?”

  1. Julie Featherstrom says:

    Oh, the Windows Mobile debacle.

    If Microsoft releases Windows Mobile 6.6 (which is just more lipstick on the pig), instead of releasing Windows Mobile 7 at the Mobile World Congress, the public will reject it.

    After all this time, Windows Mobile 6.6 will be unacceptable. Windows Mobile must get a whole rewrite, but now it’s too late, and the decline of Windows Mobile will continue until it is discontinued.

  2. David C says:

    According to a newer report on Phones Review, today’s handsets will be incompatible with Windows Mobile 7.

    Better to hold off and wait until WM7 has arrived.