Recycle your mobile phone with ReCellular to aid Haiti

The mobile world is mobilising to help out with the Haiti earthquake disaster from text donations to free calls to Haiti, and other aid and now recycling your old mobile phone can also help in the Haiti relief.

ReCellular is running a program where they will donate all proceeds from the recycling of mobile phones to the American Red Cross to aid in the Haiti relief.

ReCellular will accept all makes of mobile phone from Motorola handsets, to Samsung, from BlackBerry to the iPhone, any and all mobile phones and smartphones.

So get checking those drawers for that old mobile phone you chucked aside when purchasing a new one and recycle in aid of Haiti by visiting Phones For Haiti.


5 thoughts on “Recycle your mobile phone with ReCellular to aid Haiti”

  1. techy2009 says:

    Wow! I am impressed by the awareness of mobile phone recycling and people’s genuine concern for the Haiti victims.

    I have recently sold my old handsets at mobile phone xchange I think its a great way of helping the environment and earn some cash out of it.

  2. azz says:

    A quote by Marc Walters:
    Whilst I will not say we are perfect, we always endeavour to be fair and honest.
    They were totally RUBBISH.

    Firstly, we placed an order online and received a bag within days.
    However, it was stated when ordering that we would receive a FREEPOST bag, but we received a SPECIAL DELIVERY bag, which cost us £5 to send.

    We sent a Nokia 5800 worth supposedly £82, which was brand new and unused as I won it in a competition.

    Believe it or not, the phone when received was supposedly damaged and we would only be paid £72, but when I asked MPX what was wrong with the phone, they stated that they would ask the tecnichian the problem and contact me tommorow. We wiated 2 days for a reply and didnt here anything, so I had to call back myself, which was hard enough, as they never answer there phones. Finally I got through and they stated, that the problem was that there was a scratch on the phone. This was not possible, as I won it on a Pepsi competition and I examined it before hand and there was no scratches, I was not happy with this and asked for them to send me back the phone, however this would cost £10. This was stated in their T&C's but this is unexceptable.

    After doing a little research on the internet, I was able to find some other BAD feedback on the internet. One was basically a test.
    Someone had their phone proffesionally examined before hand and the phone was classed as brand new, however when MPX received it, magically there was a problem and the price was decreased by £20.

    Trading Standards and The Office of Fair Trading are said to be looking into MPX, but I dont know whether this is true.

    After a bit more research, I was abe to find the owners and directors of MPX, and belive it or not, its a BIG family business. The MD is the father and the Director is one son and the Assistant Director is the other son and also in this little con is ex-Vodafone chief.
    I was able to find also Marc Walters (Director of MPX) email and phone number.

    On this above link, you will find various complaints from people who used MPX and also a reply from Marc Walters.

    Anyway, back to my story of HELL, when we were told there was a problem we told them we could contact their Director and would email them now, so the call was over.

    We emailed Marc Walters and also phoned him on his direct number, however, he also never answered his number or emails.
    I received a email back from Marc Walters immediatly and was very impressed, but it was an automatic OUT OF OFFICE reply. It stated he was out of office on holiday for about 10 more days. So we thought we would tell MPX to not pay the REDUCED price as we would wait until the Director has returned and we would take it down with him.

    We sent Marc Walters another email and left him another message on his phone telling him of the problem.

    Magically, I received a call from MPX the next day after this and MAGICALLY there was a technical glitch and there was no problem with the phone and the full price would be paid.

    So, after all this TROUBLE for no reason at all, I received a Payment into my account.

    However, we did not send Marc Walters another email or phone call as:
    I couldnt be bothered too, as they were stupid
    I wanted to see if I would get a reply from Marc Walters

    I have waited and waited for ages and no reply, the case is settled but it has been 2 months and still no reply.

    You would think he would reply as a caring for their customers, but I have realised in this process that MPX have no care at all for their customers.

    Dont use MPX, they are totally useless.

    If you are going to use anyone, use Envirofone, as I sent 2 iPhone's to them as they paid more.
    As I was sending such expensive phones, they offered me a free courier service. GREAT OR WHAT.
    I received a call from Envirofone a day after sending the phones with the FREE courier and they said there was a crack in the back of one phone, which I new was there before, but did not realize that this would affect the price. So I said that they could pay me for one phone and send me the damaged on back. They said this was fine and that I would receive my payment within 3 days and my damaged phone within 14 days, without having to pay any return fee (which MPX charge £10), I recieved my payment into my account the next day which was faster then expected and I received my already damaged phone back within 5 days, and it wasnt posted to me through Royal Mail, it was sent back by courier, they didnt need to do that as it doesnt matter as I wasnt a customer, but Envirofone care about evereyone.


    I am going to send a link of this thread to Marc Walters, to see if i get a reply.

    Also, I would be very intrested in seing if anyone else has this problem, as other forums are very confussing. MPX is like Marmite, some people like it and some people hate it.

    If you want his phone number it is: 0208-732-3558
    If you want his mobile number: 7768 808222
    His email is: marc@mobilephonexchange.co.uk

    1. Adam Caitlin says:

      Well ..your experience is really very bad.. but before trusting u should analyze these facts by surfing in internet and all..
      recently i've also recycle my mobile phone but before recycling it, i have really tried for the best.. and then i got price comparison site i.e ..

      I 'll not say that u should also trust on me , but u can find the price comparison over here.. so that u'll be able to choose the best..

  3. azz says:

    [B]MAJOR UPDATE:[/B] I have now been in contact with Marc Walters, and he has talked to me and I now think that there customer service has changed allot and they now understand that there customers are valuable.

    He admits that there company is not always perfect but that is with any company.

    I think it is great that he puts his personal email and telephone address out there for any feedback.

    I can now say that MPX is safe to use as they have also waived the £10 return policy, as it is not fair. However, this is still in their T&C's as they are yet to update it.

  4. Jane Harding says:

    I sent them a phone only a few months old (it didn’t meet my needs) which was in fine working order. However, they sent an email saying the phone didn’t meet their terms and it would be recycled. When I emailed them to get info on how to get it back, no answer.

    I think this company is a scam and I warn people to stay away.

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