Should Apple allow Bing on iPhone as default search engine?

It looks like not we’re not only the ones experiencing the cold and frosty weather at the moment. Remember back in 2003 when Apple announced that its iTunes music software would work on PC’s using the Windows software of its age old rival Microsoft.

Apple at that time made posters that read “Hell Froze Over” and it would seem that that frost is heading in the same direction again. As Apple are in discussions with Microsoft to replace Google as the default search engine on its iPhone.

The talks have been going on for a few weeks say the sources who wish not to be named, as the detail has of yet not been given to the public. The discussions follow on from the accelerated rivalry between Apple and Google, now the main provider of Web search on the iPhone.

Apple and Google are currently competing in several markets including mobile phones. As we all know Google sells the Nexus One smartphone and that competes directly with the iPhone. Apparently Apple and Google see each other as the enemy and Microsoft as the pawn in the battle. Source – businessweek.com

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