Video: iPhone Network Speed Test in UK

Now that the iPhone is available in the UK on multiple carriers, with Vodafone bring the latest to bring the iPhone aboard their network, the question is which carrier network works best with the iconic Apple smartphone.

To this end, the guys over at fonehome have conducted a network speed test on the iPhone 3GS using the Orange network, Vodafone network and the O2 network, and made a video of the comparison.

Obviously we have that iPhone network comparison video for your viewing pleasure below and lasts just over the minutes mark and shows the side by side test in quick motion.

Vodafone have been touting that their network is best for the iPhone, and going by this network speed test they have ever right to that claim because Orange and O2 definitely lag behind in the test. So hit up the video below and check out just how much faster the iPhone is on the Vodafone network…enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Video: iPhone Network Speed Test in UK”

  1. Tony Clegg says:

    Great vid. You could follow this up by loading SpeedTest on each of the iPhone and testing the speeds of the network in a 3G enabled area again to show the differences.

  2. Del says:

    Haha…what a useless comparison!! Do that in January 2011 when Voda and Orange have more iPhone users on their network. Truth is, O2 are still the leaders for iPhone, having had two years advance on the learning curve to make their network iPhone proof. They also invest loads in their network…I believe its £1m per day, so can only get better. I was on Orange before, and they are going backwards so fast its scary. Don't like Voda at all….they remind me of that Evil Empire known as the New York Yankees. Also, O2s customer service is way better than anyone I've used before…just wish I joined O2 a few years earlier.

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