Verizon: why iSlate and not Apple iPhone?

The rumour is that Verizon Wireless has been in negotiations with Apple for some time concerning bring the iPhone to the Verizon network. However, according to an article over on fudzilla, some sources have said that Verizon may have struck a deal with Apple for the iTablet.

Furthermore the rumour is that an exclusive deal with Apple by Verizon will gain Verizon the iTablet first, although the commenter does say it is hard to believe Apple would cut out AT&T from offering the iTablet.

It is expected Apple will make an announcement at their Apple event next week, although other rumours have it that iPhone OS 4.0 and the iPhone 4G will be announced, but this latest rumour does lend an interesting twist to the Verizon/Apple speculation.

So the thing is why would Verizon get the iSlate and not the Apple iPhone? With all the supposition flying around maybe Verizon will get both or maybe neither, what do you think?


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