Video: Haiti Earthquake Victim Saved by iPhone App

Dan Woolley is a US film maker and was in Haiti filming a documentary on the impact of poverty in Haiti when the earthquake hit. Woolley was caught and trapped beneath a pile of rubble, practically buried and could have died.

However, according to an article on msnbc, Woolley survived thanks to an iPhone first aid application with which he followed the instructions to tend to his wounds, and even concocted a tourniquet for his wounded leg and a bandage to stop the blood flowing from his head wound.

Furthermore the iPhone first aid app also warned Woolley not to fall asleep if he thought he was going into shock so he set the iPhone alarm clock to go off every twenty minutes, and then waited 65 hours to be rescued.

We have a video of Dan Woolley taking about his experience during the Haiti earthquake which can be viewed below, and just goes to show what one can accomplish with the iconic iPhone.

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