Video: Keyboard Problems on Google Nexus One

There have been several complaints concerning 3G connectivity with the latest Android smartphone from Google, the Nexus One superphone, and also some complaints over an issue with the Nexus One onscreen keyboard.

Well the guys over at android central have managed to capture said Nexus One onscreen keyboard issue on video and we have that video for your viewing pleasure and can be viewed below.

The commentator says he is willing to place the blame on his fat fingers for the majority of the typing problems but it does look to be an intermittent issue with the Nexus One onscreen keyboard.

Apparently the issue is with the Nexus One onscreen keyboard sometimes not working and not registering the correct letters, and apparently the support thread on Google’s forums is growing somewhat and its quite clear Google needs to sort this problem with all haste.


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  1. the HTC-made Nexus One runs an updated tweak of the Google Android OS. Apart from what are expected from smartphones developed post-iPhone-touchscreen display, 5-megapixel camera, and stereo Bluetooth for headphones-the Nexus One pulls off features that impress us.

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