A long road ahead for Palm or is it

A short while ago is was reported that Apple may be about to make its relationship with Verizon public for the iPhone 4G next week.

Next week there is an invite only press conference, this is great for all those that are involved and have a part to play in it, but maybe not such a good thing for Palm.

It is quite possible that Palm could end up being the biggest loser if that does happen. It has barely got a grip on Sprint the exclusive partner for the last six months. If Palm has any hope for survival it had to work with Verizon.

Palm has got a long road ahead of them, with the competition of the iPhone and Android phones taking up much of Verizon’s marketing. Other speculation is that Palm may be working on a GSM version of the Pre and Pixi for AT&T but will it all be too late. Source – cooltechzone.com

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