On the up slowly hope for XPERIA X10

As we know things are not that bright for Sony Ericsson as just recently they posted their fourth quarter earnings which showed a sad loss.

The loss which was announced was a very disappointing loss of $270 million, this didn’t come as much of a surprise as since we all are aware that Sony Ericson’s earnings reports over the past number of quarters have all showed a loss.

The company has also had to deal with recent layoffs and restructuring during the last few months as well. They are still remaining optimistic for 2010. Other manufacturers are quietly confident and expecting huge rises in the cell phone market.

As smartphones and high end devices are what Sony Ericsson are really struggling with at the moment if you compare them to Apple, BlackBerry and HTC it would seem that Sony are hoping a lot will come out as a result of the XPERIA X10 with Android which we can expect to see very soon. Source – boygeniusreport.com


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