PlayStation 3 hacked by iPhone hacker

Do you remember the story about the hacker that successfully managed to break into the iPhone? A quick reminder he is George Hotz.

Back in 2007 aged just 17 years old, George performed his iPhone stunt and successfully managed to break the iPhone secret.

He hasn’t gone away, and he is now claiming to have successfully hacked the Playstation 3 console, which could now be used to run pirated games, homemade software and even old PS2 games.

Unhackable, or not he claims to have hacked into it. George states he can now do whatever he wants with it and he feels he has some new power, but George is unsure how to wield it. He is continuing to improve his technique and will publish details online. Sony are looking into the matter and will report and clarify the situation when they have further information. Source – britainnews.net

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