iPhone Users Incur Premium Rate Charges due to AdMob

Okay, the word is that some iPhone users have been incurring premium rate call charges which they knew nothing about, according to an article over on the Register, the premium rate calls came via the free, advertising supported Bubblewrap game.

Word is users who downloaded the free game from Orsome NZ to their iPhone, spotted the app calling premium rate numbers and thus incurred premium rate charges first spotted back in December.

The author of Bubblewrap, Peter Watling, has said the blame for this lies firmly with the embedded advert engine AdMob. AdMob code is inserted into an application and the code collects adverts from the AdMob server.

Watling has also said that they recently discovered Apple has changed the behaviour of their iPhone operating system whereby clicking a link or advert that launches a call didn’t launch a confirmation box and started dialling immediately and we were not prepared for this change.

AdMob says they have now fixed the no warning issue so iPhone users should no long incur any phantom call charges.

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