A New Google Phone Coming From Motorola?

We know Google offer their Android Nexus One direct to customers, and that it is manufactured by HTC, however, it is looking like there might be another Google phone taking the same route but not from HTC.

According to an article over on The Street, Sanjay Jha, co-CEO of Motorola has said Motorola is working with Google to deliver a mobile phone, “one direct to consumer device with Google,” which basically means it will more than likely take the same route as the Nexus One.

Jha also said during their earnings conference call that Motorola is only at the beginning stage of their transition to a smartphone company.

Well Motorola hasn’t done too badly on the smartphone front so far what with the Motorola Droid and Motorola CLIQ, both Android handset I might add, and well logically if you are going to concentrate on the Android platform, you may as well take a few tips from Google.

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