iPhone 3G VoIP Ban Lifted by Apple?

Apparently Apple has now updated the iPhone SDK to enable the use of VoIP over a 3G network, which is a nice turnaround for those who want to use VoIP on their iPhone by using the iCall application for iPhone.

According to an article over on prnewswire, iCall for iPhone is the only VoIP app which works on the iPhone over cellular 3G networks and is only one of a very few which Apple has allowed on the iPhone platform.

So it now seems that there’s been a bit of a turnaround where VoIP is concerned with the iPhone as previously VoIP was only enabled to work over WiFi for some reason or another which had caused several heated debates in the past.

So maybe Apple has finally opened their ears and listened to their iPhone owners and made iCall for iPhone available, which can be gained as usual from the iPhone iTunes App Store for free as of right now.


One thought on “iPhone 3G VoIP Ban Lifted by Apple?”

  1. This post is so factual and fun to read. I absolutely agree with what is discussed in your post. I belie they lifted the ban to convey more consumers as they already are aware of what VoIP technology can give. Indeed, I have been calling my friends and loved ones abroad using VoIP calls. And of course, it is more convenient than the usual telecommunication we had before – it cost less.

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