No Adobe Flash on iPhone so Not on iPad either

Apple must have really something against Adobe Flash, as most iPhone users know; the iPhone doesn’t use Adobe Flash for one reason or another despite many iPhone users wanting Flash on the iPhone.

Well Apple has unveiled their iPad, and guess what, just like the iPhone it doesn’t do Adobe Flash either reports an article over on itproportal which states that Adobe has slammed Apple over the omission of Flash in the iPad.

Now the iPad is supposed to be for surfing the web I would think and if it doesn’t support Flash then it takes something of the full surfing experience away from the user, much like Apple does on the iPhone.

So it seems Apple has not only slapped the face of Adobe yet again, but also intends to keep their iPad users as well as iPhone users deprived of using Flash. Get used to it iPad-ers and welcome to the realms of the Flash-less iPhone world.


4 thoughts on “No Adobe Flash on iPhone so Not on iPad either”

  1. Canceron says:

    I must ask about your sources on the fact that it is Apple the one rejecting Flash on iPhone/iPad platform.

    This small “entry blog” seems so biased against Apple that it can not be called an article.

    I’m no Apple fan boy so you can bitch all you want about Apple’s dirty little secrets or hatred but as a medium of information you have an obligation of including citations and links to your sources.

    I agree about the fact that the Web has Peta bytes of Flash based multimedia content and iPhone/iPad users can’t experience which is a total shame.

    No iPad for me, at least for the staring 3 revisions.


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