Will iPhone 4G 2010 have Micro SIM like iPad?

Apple decided to go with what is know as a Micro SIM or 3FF in their latest creation the iPad, whereas the current iPhone 3GS uses a standard SIM, reports an article over on the iphone blog.

So other than making the iPhone and iPad incompatible for swapping SIMs, could this mean Apple will put the smaller SIM in future iPhones?

This new SIM is roughly half the size of the iPhone SIM which means you can’t switch your iPhone SIM into your iPad to use its 3G ability, and apparently the Micro-SIM isn’t widely used in North America.

So why on earth did Apple opt to go with the Micro-SIM? Well it could be to save space in the iPad, or could be that Apple doesn’t want the iPhone SIM used in the iPad, or maybe its cash related as if you could use your iPhone SIM obviously you wouldn’t need to pay out for an extra data plan.

On the other hand, Apple could well be looking to use the Micro-SIM in the iPhone 4G 2010 that is expected later this year and thus allow a little extra space in the iPhone or as its half the size maybe there will be two SIMs in the iPhone 4G 2010.


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